Best Dark Vinyl Siding Colors

Are you looking for a vinyl siding that matches the color scheme of your facility or should match your favorite dark color? Then we would like to make it easier for you to enter the extensive range with this overview! The category and the functions make it possible to narrow down the selection according to various dark colors. However, a specific color selection is not possible. This would presuppose that the vinyl siding manufacturers adhere to a use color palette when designing their coverings.

However, the reality is that every manufacturer goes its own way in order to meet fashion and customer requirements. As a result, new color variants are constantly being added and the boundaries between the different colors are becoming blurred. The transitions are now fluid, especially with trend furnishing colors such as brown and dark gray. A color filter would have to set differences and limits that are subjectively hardly perceptible and are felt differently by everyone. That’s why some manufacturers refrain from naming their rubbers by color and prefer to assign numbers. This saves you and us, as dealers, from tricky questions like: “Is stone gray more gray or more black?”

Best Dark Vinyl Siding Colors
Best Dark Vinyl Siding Colors

What Is The Color Range Of Vinyl Siding?

As a decorative subject, vinyl siding can be printed not only with the look of dark colors, but also with any abstract design you like. The digital printing of the manufacturers make it possible. Pattern repetitions, so-called repeats which you may still be familiar with from older rolls, are finally a thing of the past. Conversely, the color palette of sidings has become infinite, because every ratio can be implemented. Compared to other decorative sidings such as laminate, vinyl siding is clearly ahead. In the trade it is also referred to as a modern design because of its unlimited possibilities. However, this is somewhat misleading, because vinyl-free and floor sidings also belong to the selection.

Vinyl siding is basically available for three laying methods: for gluing, for clicking or for loose laying as so-called loose-lay vinyl. Most of the manufacturers we work with offer their collections for the two most common methods, click vinyl and adhesive vinyl. Both methods of siding are then available in the same colors. However, the range of adhesive vinyl tends to be larger. The reason for this is that these coverings are better suited to heavily used areas due to their complete-surface attachment to the subsurface. And because many manufacturers gear their product range to commercial customers, they also offer pure adhesive vinyl dark colors.

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