Best Wood For Kitchen Cabinets

Breathable and antiseptic: These are just a few of the many advantages that speak for a kitchen cabinets made of wood. What types of wood can you choose from for your walden kitchen? What is the difference between the individual woods? From oak to robinia: we explain what makes the types of wood so great.

Why Choose Solid Wood For The Kitchen?

In the kitchen wood – why not? Preparing natural foods in an environment is a treat! We have chosen hardwood for our kitchens – you have the choice between beech heartwood, the distinctively grained heartwood of beech and oak. Nevertheless, there will be signs of wear and tear, this is the case with every material in the kitchen. But that doesn’t bother you with kitchens made of wood. The element from nature even gains character as a result. Just one example: Scratches on a high-gloss surface would be annoying at first glance. They are hardly noticeable in a waxed and oiled wooden kitchen.

Core Beech

It is a muted reddish-brown, darkens slowly and has a lively grain due to its color core components. Yes, we are talking about the beautiful kind of wood heartwood, which is also known by the sylvatica. Heartwood is a hard, tough kind of wood with a high internal tension. The wood is not very elastic, has a high abrasion resistance and is easy to work with. Because every tree is unique, the core beech also has individual signs. Color and drawing differences are possible. The heartwood and sapwood of the beech heartwood do not differ significantly from each other.

Best Wood For Kitchen Cabinets
Best Wood For Kitchen Cabinets

Wild Oak

Are you a fan of uniqueness? Then wild oak is the right wood for you. Darkly filled knots, cracks and color differences this wood. They are the result of external influences, weather and direction of growth. The basis for our kitchens in wild sorting is wood that is between 75 and 130 years old. The size and number of dark filled branches can vary from tree to tree. So every walden kitchen is unique. For our walden kitchens made of wild oak, companies source the wood from Europe. They make sure that the wood comes exclusively from legal, sustainable forestry.

Wood In Its Most Beautiful Form

Natural, sustainable and charming, we recommend oak or ash wood. You can decide for yourself whether you want a natural wood look or a chic color. So that the wood can withstand fluctuations, water vapor and substances, we protect our wooden fronts with a resistant lacquer.

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Handleless Kitchen Fronts

Smooth surfaces, harmonious lines and minimalist decor- the kitchen cabinets without handles are so nice. With a smart function to open the cupboards or with a hidden recessed grip, your kitchen front retains its pure look. Thanks to the latest anti-fingerprint surface on some of the kitchens, fingerprints on lacquered fronts are no longer an issue.

Satin Lacquer Fronts

Lacquered fronts consist of a carrier element (usually MDF wood boards), which is then coated with several layers of lacquer. Due to the complete sealing, these fronts are more robust than foil fronts. A high-quality lacquered front creates a mirror that creates a good depth effect due to the reflections.


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