DIY Coffee Bar Cabinet Ideas

Coffee is much more than a hot beverage. Rather, one links a certain flair, enjoyment, almost relaxation with the bean infusion. The drink serves as a starting aid for one or the other, without which nothing would be possible. But coffee enjoyment is also celebrated. One often wants to dream of favorite roasts, milk foam art or rare beans not only in the favorite corner, but at home too. The coffee bar cabinet is the trend in your own home and is even finding its way into offices. We show how you can implement this indulgence.

Where Should The Coffee Corner Be Located?

The coffee bar cabinet is usually in the kitchen. Of course, it makes sense to brew or brew your coffee here, but it’s not a must. The advantage of the kitchen is the water connection, which is always nearby. Here you can immediately refill the water tank or clean the milk frother. But what speaks against not preparing the coffee where you prefer to drink it? Maybe there is a possibility to set up a coffee bar cabinet in the living room or a small corner in the dining area? A small DIY coffee bar cabinet can also make sense next to the balcony, so you can pick up your coffee on the way to the countryside.

DIY Coffee Bar Cabinet Ideas
DIY Coffee Bar Cabinet Ideas

Which Furniture For The Coffee Bar Cabinet?

Everything is actually possible here, from side tables, sideboards, dressers to bar cabinets. The first point to consider when choosing furniture is the available space. Small coffee corners can already be set up on small serving or kitchen trolleys. A machine including 2-3 cups and a supply of capsules can also become an eye-catcher on a side table. However, kitchen islands and sideboards are particularly well known furniture for the coffee cabinet. These come closest to a bar feeling and offer sufficient storage and work space.

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On the other hand, if you want to remain more mobile or cannot decide on a place, you have the chance of remaining flexible with a serving trolley. Here you should note that the trolley has drawers and compartments in which cups, sugar and other stuff can be stowed and are always ready to hand. So the coffee corner is always ready for use where it is needed.

Wall Shelves For The Coffee Bar Cabinet Corner 

If you decide to have a permanent seat, you should also use the space above the bar. Wall shelves offer storage space and can be quite nice. This is where you can store coffee beans, keep cups and glasses close at hand or store your favorite pastries. A particularly stylish eye-catcher are hooks that can be mounted under most shelves. Here you can store cups or accessories such as tea towels, sieves or measuring spoons to save space. One or the other object can also be presented here and skilfully rounds off the overall picture of the cabinet.

The Right Decoration For Your DIY Coffee Cabinet

Decoration is much more than frills and knick-knacks. Rather, it rounds off the overall picture of a room. In order to well integrate your coffee corner into the room, the model of your coffee bar cabinet should reflect the existing design of the living room or kitchen. Vintage model jars and mugs look great on a country shelf or shabby sideboard, while black jars with wooden lids look sleek and great on a sheesham shelf.

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