Enclosed Breezeway Ideas From Garage To House

The enclosed breezeway for a house is created step by step. Many questions arise and must be decided. One bathroom or two? Connect the garage to the building? One or two floors? First you get opinions from magazines and the online design world, think them through in your head and then put them down on paper. At the end you have the best division of the floor project of the house and then you think to bind the garage with the house, for example. But sometimes it is not so easy to find the right place for the garage. In this blog we would like to show you how to connect a garage to the home.

Where Can I Place The Garage On The Property?

Unlike a residential building, a garage may be built on the property line. However, you have to observe different procedures depending on the country or state. It is good to find out about the exact conditions for your property yourself. However, it is always easy to place the garage on the border, because this way you don’t lose any space on your property and you can align the structure and breezeway perfectly with it.


Build A Single or Double Garage

Do you build a single or a double model? This question depends entirely on your own wishes and needs. If you only have one car in the household, a single model is sufficient for the moment, but if bicycles, outdoor tools or a workbench are then to be accommodated, you should consider enlarging the garage to provide space. As soon as two cars belong to the household, it is advisable to build a double model. You can still decide whether you want a large, continuous garage door or whether you want to install two individual doors – whichever you prefer. A double model can also be easily expanded with an equipment room.

Skillfully Combine A Garage With The House

At first glance, you always think of a garage as an easy extension in the building, but the garage can also become an optical highlight, because the garage is cleverly connected and complements your dream home.

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A Garage With Access To The Building

You drive home by car, open the garage door conveniently from the car, park in and close the door. Just finish listening to your favorite song, open the car door and go into the house. A small dream that many builders make come true when building a home, because getting dry-shod into the house and also being able to bring the purchases into the structure the short way.

If the garage is to be linked to the house, then the utility room is often used as an entrance. Another chance is to integrate an equipment room and building providers into the garage. So you have more space for living space in the home and also always a decent garage. As you can see, there are many different ways to link a garage to the living space. If the garage is not your best solution, you can also work with a carport. We’ll tell you more about that another time.


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