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Home Design with Board and Batten Siding

Board and Batten Siding is a type of coating material which is used quite frequently with its aesthetic appearance and rustic air addition. It is long-lasting, cost-effective and easy to use for house. It is used both indoors and outdoors. It provides rich images with different colors.

Board and Batten Bathroom

Using this material in the bathroom will add a very different and pleasant caring feel. The work should be started by removing the old baseboards, and the board and batten should be processed after adjustment according to the dimensions. Attention should be paid to gaps if any. It is preferred in the form of half-wall in drier volumes without more shower cabin. Ready to use after priming and painting.

Board and Batten Bedroom Wall

The interior can also be used to create a more intimate atmosphere. In this coating which is mostly used for aesthetic purposes, different air can be produced with different designs. This process is completed by priming and painting.

Board and Batten Dining Room

The dining room can also be preferred to further rusticize the environment. In this place where there will be functions such as guest hospitality and basic, coating with wooden material supports integrity.

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Board and Batten Ceiling

As in other parts of the building, it may be preferable to ensure the integrity of the ceiling and to control the rustic atmosphere. This event, which is more commonly adopted in situations such as the attic, is also preferred in other situations.

Board and Batten Doors

The door made of wood can be used to make it look aesthetically different or can be used as a board and batten siding. Completed the integrity of the user can be used by the request.

Board and Batten Windows

Completing the window like this or passing the edges of it will affect integrity. It provides a pleasant image. It will make pleasure users who want different images.

Board and Batten Shutters

Maybe sun protection or aesthetic purposes. Shutters are building supplement that allows quite a bit. It can also be done for privacy purposes. A different air addition is inevitable. It is quite easy to manufacture and the benefit of the surplus is indisputable.

Pictures of Houses with Board and Batten Siding

There are many types of usage. It is sustainable and easily accessible and has increased the use of its rustic appearance. It  can be used in every part of the house such as a bathroom, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and also in building elements such as ceiling, door and window. It is likely to be used everywhere as a result of the suitability of the climate and conditions.

Most beautiful colors for your exterior board and batten sidign design :

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Board and Batten Walls Ideas

Different designs can be made with this coating which allows creating different designs. It allows them. The dyeing process creates completely different styles as well as different combinations of board and batten sizes or order.

Board and Batten Barn

These veneer stables, which are more commonly used in buildings such as farmhouses, are also used. It is preferred because it is useful. The fact that this coating was first used in buildings such as stables were applied to the houses where people lived. It is preferred because of its benefits.

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