How To Get Replacement Wood Paneling That Will Fit The Existing Siding?

If I buy new boards it probably doesn’t match what I’m not replacing. What can I do to make it all fit together? If you want everything to match, replace everything. Otherwise, if you try to adjust the existing one right away, you will always be on the hunt as other siding parts will deteriorate in the future.

Painting sounds like a variant, but in this case it’s about painting old wood, some of which are reaching the end of their life cycle. That means in a couple of years an attempt will be made to find weathered paint instead of weathered wood, so probably repaint again. An option is to move existing weathered pieces from a less visible place to a more prominent one and install the new wood in a less visible space. It makes the job a little bigger but still smaller than replacing, painting, or artificially aging the new element. The concrete slabs next to the siding are likely to be contributing to the rate at which the siding deteriorates as water dripping from the roof has more splash after hitting the hard surface.


The guess is that it is cedar, which should be easy to find in a home or at a cedar dealer. It won’t be that gray when you buy it, but you can leave it outside untreated for a summer or two and it should turn out nice and gray. There are gray remedies to buy if you are in a hurry, but we generally find it better to let nature take its course. In the second option it looks like the substructure also needs some attention. Don’t cover up any rot or moisture or you’ll do this again much sooner than you’d like.

Exterior cladding and facade products also have other uses and can be used on roofs, fences, house doors and other environmental structures. Always consult with expert suppliers to learn more about the correct ways of treating a wood surface. Review the instructions available for installing and securing exterior siding.

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