Installing Vertical Siding

Evaluating and deciding between using vertical or horizontal options for your siding is another aspect of choices to make when installing siding for your house. After deciding the material to use for your siding, choosing the right color that will light up the looks of your house, and the shapes of the siding that will be installed, there is yet another decision to make whether to use vertical or horizontal siding. You will need to know why and why not use vertical siding for your house, and in this article, we will help you know better and decide easier.


Pros and Cons of Vertical Siding


Here are pros and cons of vertical siding.


  1. Even though not many sidings are applied that way, just about any type of siding material can be installed vertically. This type of siding is usually applied to commercial buildings rather than houses, and when it is applied to houses it is usually for aesthetical purposes, going for a unique look.
  2. Another advantage of vertical siding is that it makes cleaning a lot easier. If cleaning is something that you must do frequently, vertical siding makes a good choice.


  1. Vertical siding is actually harder and more complicated to install. Therefore, it will cost you more. And not only that, but you will have to get a team to install your vertical siding that have experience so that they can get it done right.
  2. Each piece of vertical siding requires furring strips to connect each piece, which means extra material and that also means extra expense.
  3. While giving your house a unique look, that look might not be for everybody. If you decide to sell your home, it might be harder to find a buyer that would enjoy that unique look as much as you do.
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Types of Vertical Siding

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  1. Vinyl: A lot of shape, size, and color options. Budget friendly. Easy to install (which means additional saving as labor cost decreases). Maintenance requirement is exceptionally low. Long-term solution. When installed horizontally, deals with water even better. However, weak against hailstorms and debris flow in the air.
  2. Wood: Long lasting. Potentially will add to your home’s value. Beautiful aesthetical look that is loved by many homeowners. Board and batten siding gives you a multi-dimensional structure which is both useful and beautiful. Sophisticated, warm, and pleasing. However, it is expensive, and it requires a lot of maintenance.
  3. Cedar: Beautiful look with vertical installation. Easy to install. Resistant material. With that said, it is a type of wood and it is an appetizing option for woodpeckers and bugs, so it requires a lot of maintenance as well.
  4. Fiber Cement: Natural wood looks with exceptionally more resistant material. Useful, and requires only a little maintenance. You will need a good contractor, because it is complicated to install, and it can create extra costs. With that, it is also one of the most expensive materials by its own too.

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