Vertical Board And Batten Siding

Several vertical panels are available, including those made from steel, vinyl, pressed composites and plywood. While trend vertical board siding does exist, there is still some appeal to those with historical appearances. One is called a board and batten siding, also known as barn siding or board batten.

Board batten was a common invention of necessity. In the past, board batten was a way to keep most materials out of the house while requiring labor, time, and expense for the time. Supply of the rectangular table was plentiful. There was no need to come up with anything just to cover a building, especially a barn. Board batten dates back centuries. The main concept behind the siding was to cover the walls of a house with the most easily available elements. Thus, board batten was a widely used early work.

Both the boards and the lath are attached vertically to a building, first the boards and then the battens. Where two boards meet, there is a crack called a hinge. No matter how small the joint is, it will leak. Boards expand and with changes in temperature and even more with changes in humidity. The addition of a narrow strip of wood, also made of wood, seals them off over each panel joint. When securely fastened over the joint, wind, rain are cut off from entering the home. However, the bar is not just a seal. Painting and sealing seals the joints around boards and moldings even more and reduces the wood expansion caused by moisture.

vertical board


The vertical cladding is installed so that its elements face in a vertical ways. Special methods are usually used to ensure a good seal. Most vertical siding has an impact, but not always. Many different textures and surface appearances are available.

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Older board batten and vertical siding were somewhat a problem as they ran through a bit. Today, with the use of new materials, better cured wood, caulk, and other improved sealants, vertical siding can be as effective and worry free as other kind of siding.


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