White and Gold Kitchen Design Ideas

In 2022 it will be natural. Natural colors in the kitchen shows us its very specific beauty this year. We attach great importance to the natural procedure  of raw elements, their environmentally friendly procurement and the health compatibility of the products.

Kitchen Splash Back As An Individual Material

It has been neglected for a long time: the rear wall of the kitchen. With a bit of creative skill, this tool can also be used stylishly as an individual decoration in your kitchen. If you prefer things to be clean and tidy, drawers are great. For fans of a relaxed ambience, shelves can be chosen on which you can place plates and cooking utensils. But a small fridge for drinks can also be integrated into the rear wall of the kitchen. Looks great and is also completely practical!

Surely you have already noticed that gold, white has just conquered the kitchen: from fittings to oven handles, many kitchen accessories and fittings are suddenly also available in these color variants. But golden kitchen fronts? Few dare to do that. It looks so elegant, even noble! It goes without saying that – as these kitchen examples show ,you should never decorate all fronts in gold. Better yet, mix the shimmering tone with something, gold or white. High-gloss fronts fit just as well as matt lacquered ones. This is shown by the kitchens presented.

White and Gold Kitchen Design Ideas
White and Gold Kitchen Design Ideas

Gold suits the handle-less front particularly well. In the example, the golden wall cabinets are sunk into a niche as if framed. Spots attached to the undersides illuminate the cooking area below. The white and gold pairing is also repeated in the interestingly installed island: Only two base unit doors that have been moved forward are painted gold. The rest remains reservedly white.

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In the noble country kitchen models, the coffers and pilasters are given additional color accents in gold. The gold of the kitchen cabinet is made of handcrafted spotted paint. It almost looks like a huge gold bar. Intention? No question: the finest elements are artfully presented in this island kitchen. We could imagine that such an impression increases awareness when dealing with food and dishes. Would you like a little reverence in the kitchen? It could work that way 

Many love the completely equipped kitchen! It’s not a very big kitchen, but all the components are all very elegant. As is so often the case, they will only have opted for low kitchen cabinets. This gives it a nice spacious feeling. This is also the kitchen wall is to meet. A white marble kitchen wall from the counter goes all the way up to the ceiling. Stylish and great.

White Cabinets With Leather Door Handles

The low slim white kitchen cabinets consist of three layers. Two high layers and a thin layer of drawers. These are all finished in natural door handles that make life just a little more modern sleek drawers. In addition to a white marble kitchen wall, the kitchen sheet is made of the same marble.

Golden Faucet and Kitchen Sink

There’s one more thing we love about this kitchen: the gold color. The gold and the white sink faucet match well for the two sleek white kitchen cabinets and countertop and kitchen wall.


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