White Cabinet Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

All white kitchen splashbacks are great for kitchens. If your kitchen back wall consists of several parts, then calculate the complete  length and select this when purchasing! During assembly you can then cut the plate to the desired length with a knife! Depending on the color setting of your screen, the white shade on the screen may differ from the actual color of the kitchen splashback! The specified numbers are given for orientation and can therefore deviate slightly! In addition, slight color deviations can occur with different models!

Complaints regarding color deviations will not be accepted! Production of your kitchen back wall fits exactly according to your wishes measure, create a drawing and you’re done! Simply measure your area on the wall and draw in the recesses for sockets, wall cabinets, extractor hoods and drill holes. Based on the dimensions, the companies manufacture your custom-fit kitchen splashback in the desired white color. The kitchen rearview mirrors not only serve as a splash guard, but are also a real eye-catcher! In many places, tile backsplashes were used in the kitchens in the past, which are now completely obsolete. You can also easily attach the desired product without removing the old backsplash. You can use silicone or assembly adhesive to attach the kitchen splashback. However, you can attach the precisely fitting blank to the wall with pre-drilled holes and suitable screws. In addition to drilling, we can also make the cut-outs for your sockets.

White Cabinet Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
White Cabinet Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Pure White Matt Lacquered Float Glass

This offers a wide range of variants for designing rooms with high quality. Anyone who enjoys designing will open their hearts. The surface with satin sets elegant accents for a pleasant atmosphere with soft light. With the homogeneous coating, this variant is great for combinations with other coated glass models and other elements for your white kitchen. Thanks to the absolutely flat coating of the thick float glass, the fine optics remain permanently. So the glass will still have its color even after many years – especially since it is easy to care for and stain-resistant. Even the UV rays of the sun cannot harm the glass. The glass, lacquered in pure white matt, is specially produced for indoor use. It is expected to be resistant to moisture, so that it can be used excellently in kitchens and even bathrooms. The additional film is primarily used to protect the paintwork. This reduces the risk of chipping and small cracks. So you can enjoy the beautiful, high-quality color without any worries. In addition, the film ensures stability and cohesion of the surface and offers additional protection against tears and damage in the event of a fall. Therefore, the glass is suitable for uses with frequent loads. Nevertheless, it does not have the properties of safety glass such as toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass. Spread the glass, it shatters into larger sharp fragments.

White Aluminum Panels

The surfaces are provided with a film on both sides. This can be plain, multi-colored or stove-enamelled, as required. There are therefore no limits to the options. Aluminum composite panels are very light and easy to cut into any shape. It has a high level of stability, is resistant and is therefore good as a splash guard behind the stove and the worktop. Another plus is the relatively low price compared to equivalent elements.

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