How To Clean Board and Batten Siding

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How To Clean Board and Batten Siding 1

How To Clean?

Board and Batten Siding is a nice-looking coating. It is used because of its elegant air and long life. Of course, this requires proper care to maintain its beauty. Over time, Board and Batten Siding will fade to color, such maintenance is best to do. They usually prefer to clean the wood with a pressure washer, but this will wear and damage the wood. Although this application stops the coating nicely at the beginning, it prepares the ground for mold formation over time, so it would be more appropriate not to prefer it. Wood cleaners are another alternative for cleaning. However, it is costly and not suitable for hand health.

How To Clean Board and Batten Siding 2There are many formulas as Board and Batten Siding Cleaner. Cleaning products that can be prepared naturally at home may be preferred to minimize chemical products.




How To Clean Board and Batten Siding 3For example; Mix a mixture of oxygen bleach and Basic H with somehow water to obtain a mixture. Apply this mixture to a spraying device before the water has cooled down and apply spraying to the area to be made. Wait for a while, then scrub with a hard plastic bristle brush. Since oxygen bleach is a strong chemical, use gloves etc. for protection purposes. The process can be applied several times depending on the amount of contamination of the surface. It is possible that you will get tired in this event that requires power and it is better to do this on sunny days if possible. After rinsing, make sure that the surface is sunbathed.

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How To Clean Board and Batten Siding 4

Another formula is to obtain a mixture by mixing household detergents and liquid bleaches with water. This mixture must be applied in the same manner as above. Such operations are both easy to implement and cost-effective at home, increasing their usability.

How To Clean Board and Batten Siding 5There are many methods of cleaning this and the like. Rather than using chemicals, it is more advantageous to use cleanable filled cleaners at home. As a result, we should keep in mind that regular maintenance of Board and Batten Siding is necessary and we should use appropriate cleaners.



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