Most Popular Types of Siding

  1. Board and Batten Siding

    is a wood welded type formed by vertically preferred boards and batten shaped according to the user. It is highly preferred because it is a sustainable, and natural material and easy to maintain, and repair. It is a type used in restaurants, homes, commercial centers. It is prevalent for combining the aesthetically pleased natural, and rustic air with the look of the farmhouse and the modern line. It lasts for a long time under favorable climatic conditions. Raw materials of cypress, redwood, cedar, pine, white oak are produced.

    board and batten siding types

  2. Reverse Board & Batten

    It is the kind you will think of when you want a rustic looking farmhouse. It is preferred with its aesthetically different air addition and durability. It is made with wood obtained from wood species such as white oak, pine, redwood, and cedar, such as board and batten siding. It is formed by combining two different sizes of woods. It can be arranged vertically or horizontally. It comes up with this name because it is the opposite of board and batten siding. It provides an aesthetic appearance and stands out with its long life. It is also easy to maintain, like board and batten siding.

    Reverse Board and Batten Siding

  3. Fiber Cement Siding

    is a durable material that is made up of a mixture of sand, cement, and cellulose. It draws attention with its resemblance to the wood veneer, whereas it is more affordable than wood. Cost savings while keeping the paint well can take on different identities. It is resistant to moisture, fire, external forces, and insects in the house. Since it does not require frequent repairs and maintenance, fiber cement for your siding does not require a separate expense.

    Fiber Cement Siding

  4. Steel & Aluminum Siding

    It is a type of coating that has many pluses since ancient times. Although it is less used than wood and vinyl, it has been designed in a similar way to the wood in this coating. Resistant to external forces, a good performance against rot and vermin makes it featured. Long lasting maintenance is also a plus. aluminum siding is lightweight, easy to install and the paint against scratches, etc. are the reason for preference. On the other hand, steel is privatized like aluminum and is more durable due to being heavier.

    Steel Aluminum Siding

  5. T1-11 siding

    It is a cost-effective and durable material. Wood and wood-based options are available. The best known are plywood and OSB( Oriented Strand Board). Plywood is preferred because it is more resistant to being more expensive. Plywood provides a more rustic look and is more suitable than cedar siding, so it is used as alternative siding designs. It can be painted in different colors and brings different alternatives. It will become more durable with painting. T-11 is a sustainable material and is preferred for small huts or stables. Regular maintenance will be maintained for many years.

    T1-11 siding

  6. Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl Siding is a type of veneer that mimics wood and attracts attention with its similarity. It is used as an alternative to board and batten siding, and steel & aluminum siding. Vinyl is a plastic material that comes from a mixture of resin ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl has an advantage which is manipulated as flexible or as tough as a pipe by melting it and adding different chemicals. Because the thickness can vary, the vinyl you choose will determine the type of your project. Typically, thicker vinyl is best and it adds aesthetic appeal. Vinyl is preferred because it requires very little maintenance, can be painted and is less costly than wood. For more information : Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl Siding

  7. Wood Lap Siding

    It is a preferred type of coating for those looking for a durable and different design. Wood lap siding consists of long wooden bars that overlap horizontally. Although the most commonly used cedar, there are also pine, spruce and fir species. Using the real wood in this coating improves quality. This siding type looks like Tongue and groove siding, and clapboard siding on the outside.It is preferred because of its environmental friendliness,  aesthetically different size and long-lasting durability. It also looks like Dutch lap siding and certainteed siding.

    Wood Lap Siding

  8. Wood Siding

    It is a type that is used frequently because it is a sustainable material, durable, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It offers a wide range of options, from a modern look to a farmhouse look. To customize the facade, the textures of the varieties of wood can be utilized. Also, on the outside, this type of facade looks like Hardboard siding and Hardi Plank siding. Hardi Plank siding is a siding style by James Hardie.

    Wood Siding

  9. Sidewall Shakes

    It is a kind that adds an aesthetic dimension to the living spaces or workplaces. It provides a rustic appearance with a different style, and it is durable. Some people confuse shingles with shakes but these are different. Shakes are more traditionally and thicker than shingles. Also, shingles are sawn instead of splitting and make it smoother. They can also have a fancy cut at the edges to make a tailored look.

  10. Soffit Systems

    It plays a major role in the storage of ventilation. While providing local protection, it also gives an aesthetic dimension. By preventing the accumulation of air, it prevents decay. Adding Soffit systems adds character and identity to the structure. Having different color texture and profile chances personalize. Soffit systems can be used for covering, ventilation and accent facade. It benefits by preventing the accumulation of moisture in winter when pulling hot air to the roof in summer.

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