Cedar Siding

What is Cedar Siding?

It is a very strong floor covering made of Western Red Cedar. These materials, which are also used as coatings on the exterior surfaces of buildings, do not disinfect with dimensional stability and are not affected by any external conditions.

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Where to Use Cedar Siding?

Cedar Siding is generally preferred in single or double storey houses and country houses. Recently, however, this coating has been used frequently in city centers. Thanks to its beautiful appearance and great insulation, you can now come across this coating even in homes, workplaces and even factories. In short, you can choose all areas you want.

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Advantages of Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding is a coating that gives a wonderful feature to the traditional residential structure. The most important feature of the coating is its excellent thermal insulation. Although expensive varieties are generally made at cheap cost. It doesn’t push you hard to put it in or out. Cedar ridge siding can be preferred in a larger and wider veneer area.

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Which Materials are Used to Install Cedar Siding?

Although Cedar Siding is generally composed of Western Red Cedar, it sometimes uses White Cedar.

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How to Install Cedar Siding?

In this simple installation, your only job is with nails. Make sure the nails are used correctly. Put each piece on top of each other and glue them together at 24 inch intervals. Then repeat this and close the edges with the help of glue or silicone. Installing cedar shingle siding is same like this but you can additively use some extra equipments like cut short materials. When installing cedar shake siding, start from the bottom of the ceiling and go up slowly. 

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How to Clean Cedar Siding?

You can clean this coating, which is extremely necessary with low pressure liquids and with the help of a damp cloth. Pour this low pressure water where you cannot reach. You should not neglect painting every few years. Otherwise, discoloration may turn into a bad appearance.

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How to Insulate Cedar Siding?

Loose-filled cellulose insulation or soft-faced foil foam can also be isolated.

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What is Most Populer Colors Cedar Siding?

Cedar Siding is a high quality and reliable coating. However, coating time and external influences are extremely important. You can choose this coating, which is generally preferred in red or brown, like white, but you should not ignore the features mentioned above. Cedar siding, especially in white color, is a threat by bugs and pests. It is also perceived as a great bait for birds. If you have woodpeckers around you, you may prefer white color. Recently, the red color has been preferred quite often. In short, it is completely up to your taste and preferences.

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What is Cost of Cedar Siding?

The cost of this expensive coating is just as expensive. However, you can also find Cedar Siding that caters for the middle budget. For this, your expectations and quality are very important.

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