2022 Board and Batten Siding Costs

Board and Batten Siding Cost Factors

It is relatively cheaper than other coating options. This type of veneer which is Cheap Siding may vary in cost depending on variables. It varies depending on style and design, material type and labor cost. The size and quantity of the material to be used determines the style and also affects the cost. The shape of the structure to be applied is different from the shape of rectangular, square, which is seen as standard, and the excess of the volume has a direct impact on the cost.

As appropriate options in material selection; species such as plywood pine and fir should be preferred. Species such as redwood and cedar are more costly. The use of wood, which is a sustainable material, will save many years with its durability and long life which should not be neglected.

Board and Batten Siding Cost Factors

It also varies depending on properties such as nails, paints, primer insulation materials, and fasteners. Another factor is the selection of nails resistant to external forces, and the choice of insulation materials with high quality against fire and moisture.

The quality and class of the paint to be used also affects the presence of excess active ingredients. The maintenance of the board and batten siding should not be neglected and the repairs should be made if necessary. A small amount will affect the cost under these conditions.

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Keeping a qualified master is a feature that increases the cost. While it is more cost-effective to do it by the person himself, it will be better to keep the master, etc. and to increase the cost. Labor costs are influenced by the workload, size,  and design of the work area, workplace conditions and seasonal characteristics.

Also, cost rates may vary in each country and state depending on materials, workmanship, and design.

Board and Batten Siding Prices

Siding installation cost depends on the type of material, user requirements, etc. Besides, the volume of the structure to be built affects the country, and state where the structure is located and the climate. Increased durability brings quality with cost-effectiveness.

board and batten siding prices

Board and Batten Siding prices can be seen in 3 categories. It is possible to examine it as basic, better, and best. In this way, we can specify the price range as follows.

Board and Batten – Material Prices between $500.00 – $800.00

Board and Batten – Installation Cost between $210.00 – $540.00

Board and Batten – Total between $710.00 – $1420.00

Board and Batten – between $7.95 – $12.95

(Total Average Cost per square foot)

Materials for Board and Batten Siding

board and batten siding materialsWood, vinyl or processed wood, slat Board and Batten are the three main materials required for siding. Siding installation cost is the first choice to use wood because of it’s aesthetic and rustic appearance, but because of the high cost, more suitable types of vinyl, etc. can also be used.

There are options such as cedar, pine, fir, and spruce. They all have different costs. Parallel to the board and batten siding; vinyl board siding, cement board siding, wood lap siding, metal siding, etc. These materials may vary in itself.

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Also, nails for boards, nails for blankets are used as fasteners, and you need the use of paints and primers to provide different identification and insulation. Besides, if they want to make insulation before board and batten siding, they can be used as insulation material like cellulose sheathing and asphalt felt. (tar paper) Read this post for detailed material list : How to Install Board and Batten Siding

Board and Batten Siding Cost vs.

The use of wood in board and batten siding is preferable with its appearance and it is being durable for many years, it is preferred if it is recyclable material in any destruction. It also affects the cost according to the wood species that provide the raw material. The high cost of wood brings other alternatives.

Vinyl board and batten siding is one of the options. It is preferred in terms of its more convenient than wood, installation, and repair. It shows parallelism to wood as cost. There is no extreme difference.

  • Minimum Cost: 3,50$ / sf
  • Maximum Cost: 7.50$ / sf

The stone pavement offers another alternative with its true appearance and durability, but the high cost makes it possible to use stone pavement in combination with other options. The stone cladding used as a complex is generally used in the lower parts of the structures. In terms of cost;

  • Minimum Cost: 10$ / sf
  • Maximum Cost: 13$ / sf

Cement board siding stands out with its robustness. This type of coating which contains cellulose is a mixture. Offering a different design, this type of veneer is remarkable for its similarity to wood and is more cost effective than wood. It is known for being resistant to moisture, fire, retention of the paint and contributing to its durability.

  • Minimum Cost: 1.70$ / sf
  • Maximum Cost: 5.20$ / sf
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Wood Shake Siding is preferred by adding different air to the structure with its perfect aesthetic appearance. It is also preferred in houses located on the coast with its high durability.

  • Minimum Cost: 5$ / sf
  • Maximum Cost: 7$ / sf

As a result, many options have their pros and cons. We tried to help price analysis by comparing some types. You can choose the most suitable material according to your wishes. You can also read this article : Most Popular Types of Siding


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