Best Way To Clean Linoleum Floor

Even if you don’t usually think too much about flooring, it’s amazing how a floor can influence the atmosphere of a room. Tiles, parquet, laminate or PVC – every floor has its own style and should be properly cared for so that it lasts for a long time and can show itself from its best side! In this blog, we look at the cleaning and maintenance of a somewhat forgotten kind of floor: linoleum. Linoleum is a natural product and is currently experiencing a comeback – with good reason. In addition, we will show you how to clean and care for vinyl floors and what you should generally pay attention to when cleaning the floor.

Clean Linoleum Floor

Although linoleum flooring is very robust, it is very easy to clean. To clean the linoleum floor, you should always vacuum it first to remove dust and dirt. However, your floors are not completely cleaned until you mop the floor after vacuuming. This usually requires a lot of effort and time as well as different tools. Linoleum cleaning is the more intensive form of the two types of cleaning. It is not implemented regularly, but only after a longer period of time. In an invasive procedure, the top protective layer of the floor covering is removed using chemical procedures. A new protective layer is then applied to replace the previous layer. A so-called disc and the appropriate cleaning items are required for this procedure. 

Best Way To Clean Linoleum Floor
Best Way To Clean Linoleum Floor

Clean and Maintain Vinyl Floors

To clean PVC floors, you should first vacuum thoroughly – as with linoleum or laminate floors. Then wipe the floor with water and some washing-up or a conventional all-purpose cleaner to clean the vinyl floor. A freshly installed vinyl floor must be thoroughly cleaned before you use it in everyday life. To thoroughly clean the floor, first wipe it dry to remove dirt. You should then wet wipe it with a special vinyl care product. This makes the seal more resilient and helps keep your new floor looking beautiful.

Depending on the wear and tear, you should regularly clean the vinyl floor, about one to four times a year. When cleaning vinyl floors, always make sure to wring out the mop well so that no water gets into the grout; otherwise the planks may swell over time.

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