James Hardie Siding Installation

James Hardie is a house siding company, one of the biggest and oldest ones in the industry. They use the motto of “Protect everything inside, from everything outside” and they pay respect to their motto as their services are widely used and users are almost always happy with it.


What is James Hardie Siding?


Hardie board siding or Hardie plank siding (created by James Hardie) is a low-maintenance siding method of fiber cement siding that is trending at the moment, despite the fact that it is not a new one. Made of cement, Hardie plank siding provides a resistant structure to your house, with the not so cheap price required for its service for your home.

The reason for the current popularity of the method is the durability of it. It is a long-during siding that comes with 50 years of warranty. Resisting rot, insects, and sea salt sprays, it is one of the most durable sidings on the market. Because of the reason that it is made of cement, it also resists fire because it is only less than ten percent flammable. Storm resistance is one of the pros to it, so it is a good choice if your environment comes with heavy storms.

With all these advantages, is there no cons to the James Hardie Siding? Of course, there are, nothing is perfect, but it’s fair to say that there are only a few of them. Here are the downers to the Hardie Board Siding:

  1. High installation and labor costs. Being one of the most expensive siding materials, because of its structure Hardie board siding requires more planning, labor force, and time to install. Because of that, expenses get even bigger.
  2. The other reason is that it is not a maintenance-free siding material, which means it will have to be painted periodically. If you choose Hardie Board Siding, you will have to take care of it so it serves you well.
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How to Install James Hardie Siding?


Installing Hardie plank siding may be a tough job. Fiber cement siding requires to be applied 6 inches or higher to height to the ground level of the house. 1-2 inches gaps are also needed within the horizontal surfaces of the house. Using overlap gauges is a good idea to support the sidings while you are nailing them on. Blind nailing is mostly preferred when installing Hardie board siding. Each row should be overlapped, by at least one and a quarter inches. After the installation, the paint job must be done immediately, as soon as possible at the least.

James Hardie Siding Installation 1

What is HardiePlank Lap Siding?


Hardie Plank Lap Siding is a style of Hardie siding that comes in a variety of two:

  1. Cedarmill: A Hardie Plank Lap Siding method that mimics the wood texture in terms of aesthetics.
  2. Smooth: A Hardie Plank Lap Siding method that does not have any sorts of wood grain appearance.

Being an alternative to the HardieShingle and HardiePanel, Hardie Plank Lap Siding is a style that even allows you to mix all of the other options together.


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