Calculation Of The Siding

Most owners doing repairs allow themselves gross mistakes by making the calculation of the space of the walls of the building. What’s the catch? The fact is that the strips are made of standard length, it is a little less than six m. As a result of counting in the quadrature, many segments remain and often the element is simply missing. Therefore, in order to calculate the amount of material to increase overflow, it is necessary to consider the length and width of the plank.

Measure The Length Of The Wall

For example, it is 8 m. Therefore, a good strip can be installed, and after another cut about 2 m. In the future, the residues of the cutting strip will be used for the other two rows. It turns out that there are only four planks for three rows.

Calculation Of The Siding

Measure The Height Of The Wall

Walls in wooden one-story house – The roof, as a rule, is no more than 3 m. One row of siding has a working surface of 9 inches. Three rows, therefore close 0.70 m. Next, divide the height of the walls on the resulting. It turns out that for the deaf wall it is necessary to purchase 10 strips of material.

Window Openings

Do not draw an area with window operations, as it is needed in addition that can be used for slopes. In addition, you need to calculate the number of J angles, docking strips, launch slats. They are calculated in strict accordance with the length and height of the building

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At this time, it is necessary to collect a building tool to make forests, and the most important thing to solve, whether the work is done independently or with the participation of a brigade. With the last option selected, just add a bit cost. The cost of the brigade’s is 50-75% of the cost of the building elements. If there is no way or the desire to spend this amount, you can install it yourself. More equal to the construction team, you need to take into account that all problems related to preparation and installation will be solved by the staff of this brigade.

You can do the math for yourself, think about where to store, and where to add items based on your financial standing. You can get to know each other with storage racks. And you can find detailed description features of the calculation of the siding on the building.


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