Best Insulation for Board and Batten

Why Insulation ?

To protect board and batten siding from external influences, it is necessary to make insulation for longer life and protection. The climate in which the structure is to be applied helps to minimize factors such as sun and wind.

Insulation can both protect against moisture and save heat. It will be necessary to take measures to protect this siding used as wood.

Protecting from moisture is a priority and important issue, so various insulation materials should be investigated and suitable materials should be selected and insulation should be applied before board and batten siding and then coating should be started.

How to Insulate ?

Insulation can also be used (house wrap, asphalt felt, etc.). Insulation recommendations such as Rain Screen Wall should also be considered.

Rainscreen wall provides a ventilated air gap and protects against moisture. It provides solutions to water problems by preventing mold growth. Such benefits should not be crossed.

The following methods are followed in traditional methods:

framing | sheathing | weather-resistant barrier | siding way to go to sort; rainscreen wall is applied framing | sheathing | weather-resistant barrier vented air space | siding.

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Rainscreen provides air permeability. It is a widely used and reliable system. In general, if the insulation is to be insulated from the inside out as follows;

  • 2×4 studs 16”
  • Fiberglass batt insulation
  • Plywood
  • Roofing felt
  • Rainscreen wall
  • Finally, board and batten siding.

As a result, if there is board and batten siding application for aesthetic appearance in the interior application, insulation is not required except for wet areas such as bathroom. It will be better if done in wet volumes and will increase the positive results.

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If board and batten siding can be made on the exterior facade, the insulation step should not be forgotten during the construction phase.

It is also possible to encounter situations such as repairing or refurbishing. For more info how to do install board and batten siding, read this : How To Clean Board and Batten Siding




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