Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

The farmhouse bathroom ideas look beautiful and modern with minimal designs. You may prefer the simplicity of a beautiful style and can add rustic accents to receive warmth in your bathroom.


The Farmhouse Bathroom Trends Combine Modern Designs


Vintage farmhouse bathroom is the name for this style that combines popular colors, shapes and materials with the rustic warmth of untreated wood and clay pots. It can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways, with different levels of integration between modern and classic. Here are a few examples of modern farmhouse bathrooms that show how comfortable and beautiful this unexpected combination can be.


Bathroom In Modern Farmhouse Style


This tiny bathroom design offers a great farmhouse look. The small room looks bigger thanks to a tile in a neutral shade and a large frameless mirror. The oversized farmhouse sink, exposed light bulbs and stone floating vanity give the bathroom a classic, almost industrial feel. The mix of red, blue and neutral hues  give the bathroom a more vivid look and joy.


Bathroom With Farmhouse Vanity And Modern Shower


In this space, the farm and modern areas are arranged side by side, connected with a beautiful black and white mosaic tile and black retro style hardware. The modern white shower with subway tiles contrasts with the painted wooden shiplap and the wooden type vanity of the farmhouse. A subtle marble worktop brings a touch of luxury.

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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom With Steel Framed Shower


A farmhouse bathroom can still look modern if you arrange the right elements in the right way. This example, features a stylish steel framed shower and a freestanding tub. The details of the farmhouse come from the cowhide chair and small wooden shelf, along with the classic wall mounted hardware for the tub.


Consider The Criterias Of Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas


If you want to renew your farmhouse bathroom, you have basically three options: You can renovate it, refurbish it or have it moved to another room. However, if you are disturbing the spatial conditions in your bathroom, renovation is out of the question. While doing so, only individual furnishings, such as your shower are replaced by more modern ones. In the case of renovation, on the other hand, higher criterias are deployed by completely gutting the space and restructuring it. However, if you do not have enough space in your current bathroom or if you cannot break through to an adjoining room for expansion, the only solution is often to move the bathroom to another room.


Set Accents To Get Popular Colors


A special highlight in the bathroom is the free standing natural stone bathtub. The large, modern and bright farmhouse offers an ideal backdrop for this rustic accessory. The staging of individual objects such as the bathtub and the carpenter’s table enliven the natural living atmosphere. It is important that the accents are accompanied by a simple environment. The furnishing lives through the interplay of old and modern as well as simple and rustic.

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