Neighbors Privacy Screen Ideas

Nobody wants to sit on the platter all the time. Especially in the garden you have many chances to set up nice boundaries to the neighbors.

Hiding Behind Tall Hedges Is Easy

Have you moved and would you like to spend undisturbed moments in the garden of your new place? The regular privacy screen par excellence is of course the hedge. Here you have a variety of plants to choose from. The evergreen thuja, also known as the tree of life, is a trend. It is robust, easy to care for and survives many years. In its homeland of North America, there are some specimens that are more than a hundred years old. This hedge grows quickly and should therefore be trimmed once or twice a year.

Let Grass Grow Between You

If a hedge doesn’t suit your new home, just let grass grow between you and the prying eyes of others. Chinese reed, for example, is very suitable. The hardy plant grows up to some meters high and is available in different varieties. Since it loves moisture, it feels particularly at home at the edge of a pond. Planted in pots, it can also be used as a privacy screen for the terrace.

Neighbors Privacy Screen Ideas
Neighbors Privacy Screen Ideas

This Is How You Spice Up Basic Fences

Green hedges or high flower bushes are a great natural privacy screen. But it usually takes a few years for them to reach their desired height. So what if you want it to go fast? Then many choose to drive to the hardware store or garden shop. There are different privacy screens to choose from. Perhaps, for the sake of the environment, you do without plastic privacy screens and instead choose a material made of wood. A wooden plant shelf, for example, can act as an attractive privacy screen. Braided fences made of willow or robinia are both pretty and environmentally friendly. They also provide a valuable shelter for flies.

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Well Protected With A Wall

And then of course there is also the wall as a guaranteed option, indestructible and seasonally independent privacy screen. However, before you have loosened the wall, think carefully about whether there is a more nice way. In the worst case, high, gray stone walls can appear dreary. So-called gabions, wire meshes filled with stones, have also been in fashion for a few years but the stones in cages are usually not really nice to look at.


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