The Choice Of Batten Siding

Installation of the batten siding is usually not particularly difficult, but it does require strict adherence to the siding installation technique and the recommendations made by the manufacturer regarding the installation of this material.

Repairing an old and rundown building is a rather difficult and time consuming, especially if it is a wooden house with a long lifespan. There are two ways to solve this:

Covering the house with a clapboard – Doesn’t solve it at all. Permanent maintenance of the facade is required: repainting, sealing of open joints for example. This is more acceptable because it allows you to get work done quickly, while isolating the building and also maintaining its good appearance for a long time without the need for seasonal maintenance.

Most Popular Material Choices

The choice of batten siding as a material is obvious in this case. It is worth noting that this kind of design can also be used for brick and concrete houses, as it allows you to quickly and easily make repairs and give the building a beautiful look.

Batten Siding

Today, vinyl and metal siding are some of the most requested and affordable options for facade design. Installing vinyl or metal siding is pretty easy and quick, so you can do it yourself. The installation of the siding should always be done on a prefabricated frame made of dry and flat elements of wood.

Experts recommend the use of dry wooden or metal as the element for mounting the lathe under the cladding. The poles must be free of cracks and knots, must always be dry. It is not recommended to use larch poles because, on the one hand, they are heavy and uncomfortable, and on the other, screws are poorly screwed in and nails are hammered. The length of the bars should better not be more than 3 meters, with this length they are less prone to deformation during storage. The width of the bar should not be less than 30 mm and the thickness not less than 25 mm. The galvanized steel profiles are flat and quite durable, so this is the right option for the home, although such turning is a little more expensive, unlike wooden bars.

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