20 Best FarmHouse Exterior Ideas

If you have a farmhouse or  a dream of living in a farmhouse, the interior and exterior decor is the sweetest rush for you. Which material should I use? What color suits best? Horizontal or vertical? Oval or angular? Many questions 🙂 See our collection of the best farmhouse exterior design ideas, they will help you to choose easily.


Rafter tails and board and batten siding with clean lines.. I love it! Metal roofing is also a good choice.

board and batten siding exterior


I think autumn colors are best suited to white siding. The trees have perfect harmony with the pre-winter color tones. White is the best color of Christmas 🙂

White Home Exterior Design Ideas


I love the mix of colors and different materials on the facade. Especially if it  designed someone with a high aesthetic sense!

multi material and colors in exterior design


Using the vertical and horizontal coating together in harmony gives a different atmosphere to the façade, doesn’t it?

vertical and horizontal exterior siding ideas vertical and horizontal exterior siding ideas


I love the contrast. The perfect combination of black and white. it will look great at night, especially with the effect of interior lighting.

black and white contrast in exterior home design


Sultry gray is so appealing against the stone and wooden door. What a modern design!

gray home exterior design ideas


Exterior design with vertical board and batten sidign, warm and cozy interior design…. Excellent home decor!

vertical board and batten siding ideas vertical board and batten siding ideas


A beautiful coastal modern farmhouse with a pool. My favourites  white, green and blue intertwined.  Garage door draws attention with its color. The roof selection is also great.

modern coastal farmhouse design ideas modern coastal farmhouse design ideas


The perfect photo of a white farmhouse covered by white snow. It’s really romantic. The Christmas decoration also suits the white exterior. But when you look this home, you want to go on a winter holiday 🙂

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exterior decor ideas for Christmas


Here ise a modern rustic American farmhouse! See the different architectural lines, they are amazing. One more thing that I love is dark shingle on a wooden home. It looks great!

Modern Rustic American House


Some beautiful simplicity going on this modern farmhouse. Can you see  the architectural details from how those windows pop, especially those transom windows on the first floor, and that porch with exposed rafters is gorgeous. This home really has the right amount of shiplap to keep anyone happy.

modern exterior design ideas for farmhouse modern farmhouse ideas


And now we have a great farmhouse with James Hardie in cool colors. Painted brick is a good choice for a modern roof. Finally black windows, and here is your dream house 🙂

James Hardie Exterior Home Siding James Hardie Exterior Home Siding James Hardie Exterior Home Siding James Hardie Exterior Home Siding


White fibercement with the perfect combo of vertical and reverse siding. It is a small and lovely home, isn’t it 🙂 

fibercement siding ideas


This farmhouse is spectacular!! Interesting roof, great board and batten shutters  and lively garden. 

board and batten siding farmhouse ideas


Stone wall on the front and shingle covered roof  looks awesome 

farmhouse exterior design farmhouse exterior design


This exterior with stained cedar shakes and curved entryway! I love it! Don’t you love the charm and character of a craftsman home?

cedar siding ideas cedar siding ideas


Unbelievable design with windows, garage door and bay window!

garage door ideas


This beautiful home showcases a gorgeous gas lantern similar to the style we will have in our front entryway! The yoke adds the perfect length and design element. 

Farm House Exterior Ideas Farm House Exterior Ideas


So charming!! It’s like it came straight out of a Hallmark movie!! By the way, it is the best vertical siding I’ve ever seen.

Farm House Exterior Ideas - Charming Vertical Design Farm House Exterior Ideas - Charming Vertical Design Farm House Exterior Ideas - Charming Vertical Design


So cutie at night!!! 

Farm House Exterior Night Decor Ideas


White board and batten really creates a crisp clean feel to a home

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white exterior siding ideas


Have you ever heard of Shou Sugi Ban siding? It’s basically painting your house with fire.  The Japanese art uses a torch to heavily char the surface of timbers, making them resistant to insects and rot. The process also brings out the grain detail in the wood resulting in a super modern/reclaimed look. 

Shou Sugi Ban Siding


Your Bonus 

20 Best FarmHouse Exterior Ideas 1

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