2022 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

As every year, there will be numerous trends in the kitchen to discover in 2022. In short: it will be very natural and sustainable. Wooden kitchens are particularly a trend this year. Just like smart kitchen appliances with voice system. And which trends will there still be in the kitchen in 2022? Find out more here in the blog. We have also compiled the most well known colors for the kitchen cabinet colors 2022.

Black Is The New White

A real trend! Black kitchen cabinet, which have an unconventional and unique vision, will become the focal point of any kitchen. In fact, the unimaginable opinion of ​​a thoroughly black kitchen is now in vogue, executed of course, with the classic style. In addition to black, dusty colors are in demand. Dusty colors are nothing more than muted, matte colors with little luminosity. The shades of gray will be used with green, blue, violet or brown tones, giving the kitchen a very nice atmosphere. Dusty colors combine wonderfully with dark wood tones and different kinds of stone. The dusty colors is particularly popular in handleless kitchen style or country kitchens, where the new shades of gray such as slate gray or sand gray are an interesting option for classic white farmhouse kitchens.

2022 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends
2022 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Back To The Roots

If you don’t get excited about black kitchens, you might find yourself in the modern interpretations of country kitchens. Here, the dining area and cooking island often merge into a focal point that gathers the entire family around. State of the art ovens at eye level and plenty of cupboard space ensure the spacious trend that farmhouse kitchens are so popular for. Fresh herbs, elements, short distances and a main structure are combined with nice fronts to create a place that couldn’t be more contemporary. Rural carvings or references to them are completely dispensed with.

More Courage To Use Color

In addition to the color trend of muted ones, colorful tones are also great in kitchen furnishings for 2022: sunny yellow, bright orange, fiery red and fresh green set the tone. Here there are no limits to individual preference for your favorite color, because there are many possibilities for immersing the kitchen in creative color worlds. Colors affect items and spaces. Whether colored upper cabinets, shelves or panels – every color can be combined with every other color. As a targeted accent, the strong colors give kitchens in white, black or shades of gray a colorful eye-catcher without being too dominating.

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Be Careful With The Color Scheme

However, care should be taken when choosing the color scheme. Too much color can quickly become overwhelming, while too little can sometimes make the room appear cold. Because what at first glance is a hit in terms of color design can quickly get on your nerves. Colors work wonders. Whether consciously perceived or unconsciously felt, colors are all around us. Customers desire for bright furniture colors has not yet reached its peak. The current range of furniture therefore offers a strong and varied color selection, especially from the color spectrum. Color experts agree: when bold colors are trend, optimism is in the air and the finance is usually on the up.


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