Clay Siding Color Combination

Everything you need to finish the facade can be purchased from the manufacturer. A wide range of products includes various kinds of clay siding colors, including imitation of stone, plaster, wood and brick surfaces. The lined facade is a classic and seamless. The latter is ensured by a reliable lock attachment and flawless plate geometry.

The dimensions of the panels are ideal for lining regular buildings – they are quite long, which does not interfere with their transportation and storage. By the way, they are packed in a polyethylene sleeve with corrugated ends, which meets the recommendations for siding. Insulation can be laid under the panels. The thermal insulation elements for profiles are mineral wool and foam. Due to the nature of the product, it is biostable.

The swatches of the manufacturer remain shade-free throughout the entire network. This is achieved through the use of specific staining innovation. The additives in the panels protect the clay siding from burning, the fire hazard of the element is highly combustible. The panels will melt but not burn. The products are lightweight, which makes them suitable for mounting in multi-storey buildings. It does not emit any toxins, it is safe for humans and animals.

Clay Siding Color Combination
Clay Siding Color Combination

Quadrohouse Series 

This is a vertical siding, categorized by the richness of the color palette: the profiles are bright with a glossy sheen. Such panels allow you to visually pull out the building to preserve the lining.

Alta Siding

The panels of this series are made by classic production, size and color scheme. This series is the ost well known. Among other things, they are characterized by increased color fastness through the use of dyeing methods. In addition to vinyl panels, the manufacturer produces its more durable based on acrylic. We should also highlight the strips for finishing with improved insulating properties, which is achieved due to the production. They imitate wooden surfaces and are only intended for horizontal works. 

Most Popular Are Multiple Textures

  • Facade tiles – Mimics tiles with thin bridges between tiles that are rectangular.
  • Canyon – Due to its external features, the element is identical to natural stone and is resistant to low temperatures and rays.
  • Granite – Thanks to a fairly rough surface, it creates an imitation of natural stone.
  • Brick – imitation of masonry, aged or clinker variant possible.
  • Ancient Brick – Imitates classic material. The bricks in this version are slightly longer than in the regular series. They can have an aged appearance, a deliberate geometry.
  • Rocky Stone – This finish is particularly impressive on large surfaces.
  • Rubble stone – Externally, the element resembles large untreated paving slabs.
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The installation of facade panels from Alta Provil has no functions: panels are installed just like other types of facades.

First, a wooden or metal frame is installed along the perimeter of the building. By the way, among the brand’s products you can find a special plastic box. Its advantage is the sharpened structure under the panel “Alta-Profil”, that is, the siding mount will be convenient and quick.

Those who write about decorating clay sidings with uneven walls note that even with such initial choices, the result was worthy. This is not only the geometric accuracy of the panels, but also the additional colors.


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