Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

More design for the farmhouse living room. We have great ideas and tips for changes in the farmhouse living room decor – from new furniture and colors to general planning and very specific tips.


Tricks For Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas


Chairs should be grouped so that everyone is facing each other. Trick: The seating area should form more or less a rectangle. In the classic arrangement, two sofas face each other. This promotes communication and has a harmonious effect. Disadvantage: the TV only has space on the front sides. A sofa and one or more armchairs, which can be aligned with the television if necessary, are more flexible. Of course, this arrangement also works with a corner sofa.



The Reduced Farmhouse Living Room Decor Trends


In the modern country house style, designers again value honest handling of materials. Wood is allowed to remain the same and is shown that way, even when it ages. The mix of Scandinavian and  handicraft traditions will be exciting – that is the character of the modern farmhouse style.


Farmhouse Living Room Decor Criteria – Time For Rest And A Break From Everyday Life


Comfort is the order of the day  and it has its roots in the alpine farmhouse living room decor idea. The British trend brought onto the market this summer. It shows how important sensual surfaces are for a comfortable living room and that an untreated wooden floor is almost mandatory. The trend towards natural materials, craftsmanship and design archetypes corresponds to our social development. The more we live in a digitized world, the greater our longing for authentic materials.

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The new variants, such as the vintage style, shabby chic or the used look, all of which make the  farmhouse style optically lighter, fit the classic country house style. These styles refer to furniture and accessories that look or actually are old fashioned or used. Signs of wear, faded colors and rough surfaces match the farmhouse style and give traditional furniture a contemporary look.


Farmhouse Living Room Color Ideas


Porcelain with floral decor and pastel glazes add colorful accents look well on the farmhouse style. The farmhouse style brings the carefree feeling of a summer table in the countryside even into city apartments. Fragrant flowers and fresh twigs are just as much a part of the country house style as playful outdoor furniture made of wood or oxidized metal.


Regardless of whether it is a British cottage, a country house or a little farmhouse – the farmhouse living room decor ideas and the associated furniture bring nature into the house. This includes fresh pastel tones and natural colors and traditional patterns such as checks or floral motifs. Fresh accents such as stripes or dots are ideal so that the country house style does not sink into too pale natural colors, preferably in strong blue and white. Other colors for the farmhouse style are classic wool white and reserved dark blue. Metal tones also match the farmhouse living room decor.


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