How Much Is Vinyl Board And Batten Siding?

Vinyl board and batten siding costs vary at different levels. Some of the price differences depend on where you live and what the labor costs are. Below are some additional points and pricing examples to refer to during your research phase.

Average Cost

The average cost to purchase and install the vinyl siding is anywhere near 3.00 to $ 7. 00 per square foot. If you buy the vinyl separately, you can be sure that the installation will cost between 30% and 50% of the raw cost. Note that the regular installation cost varies greatly depending on the various factors:

Location – The prices based on the location are always different

Material – Various vinyl board sidings are available for installation. Higher quality vinyl and more design vinyl is usually more expensive to install than lower grade vinyl

Time of Year – installation prices usually vary. If you get a contract to work in the off-season, there’s a good possibility the vinyl installation cost will be lower. When installing vinyl siding, you need to be willing to spend some cash on the following items;

  • Building permits: The cost of this depends on regulations. (usually no more than a few hundred dollars)
  • Garbage collection
  • Removal of the old sidings

Vinyl Board

If you are installing the siding yourself to save the money on labor before you are ready to install your vinyl siding, you’d better be ready to acquire the tools necessary for this installation. In the complete installation price for your vinyl siding, make sure you know if the price includes installing the siding, soffit, and other components required for your construction.

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If you’ve chosen to add door panels or tooth moldings to your vinyl, you should probably be prepared to pay extra for those particular parts. A plumber will charge a flat fee for each additional component you add to your vinyl installation. Some installers may include it in the price of your construction, but you should always be sure what is included before you begin.


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