How To Clean Toilet Tank

A clean toilet not only leaves a good impression on your visitors. It also increases your own well-being. Our guide has valuable tips for you on cleaning the toilet and removing deposits such as urine scale or limescale. As usual, we provide you with some useful advice on how to clean the toilet with basic home remedies.

Lid and Cistern First

Always keep in mind that you are dealing with a high germ load here. If you want to clean the toilet with the same set of cloths and mopping water, don’t start with the most germ-laden area. That way you don’t spread the germs to all other areas. Therefore: start with the cistern. Here is the lowest germ load. Then clean the toilet lid.

How To Clean Toilet Tank
How To Clean Toilet Tank

Clean The Toilet Seat

Then wash out the sponge or cloth in the cleaning bucket, wring it out and then clean the toilet seat. Here we are already in the moderately polluted area. Here there is contact with the intimate area. A lot of urine splashes can also be deposited here, provided that the glasses are not folded up. Thoroughly clean the glasses on the inside and outside and then wash out and wring out the cleaning cloth again.

Toilet Rim and Interior

Now for the most exposed area: cleaning the inside of the toilet. It is good to use a toilet brush with a rim cleaner to clean the dirt under the rim of the toilet. Also scrub the other areas of the toilet body clean with the toilet brush using a vinegar cleaner. What else is helpful when cleaning the toilet?

When you’ve cleaned these three essential sections of the toilet, flush once to flush the cleaning supplies and loosened dirt down the drain once and for all. Before that, be sure to pour in the cleaning water you used to clean the toilet and then rinse off. Soak up any spatter with the old cleaning cloth and rinse off.

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Your toilet is now nice and clean and you can wipe with a towel to dry everything. You can now hang up any WC freshening stone, change the cleaning utensils, wash out the used cloths well and/or put them in the laundry, put on new disposable gloves and air them out well.


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