Most Loved Siding Colors And Their Advantages

The days when all houses and cottages were the same are long gone. Today, facades are designed by a noticeable variety of shapes, textures and shades. A wide range of elements on offer allows to realize the most non-standard solutions when finishing your home, giving it a stylish and bright appearance. Now for making buildings, you need using a wide variety of raw materials, from stone to waste products. In that regard, siding colors can please you – the sidings are made from a variety of elements and color variations, so that everyone can find a change to suit your tastes and budget.

Wooden Cladding

This kind of siding is also called the Canadian one. Among the undoubted advantages is environmental friendliness – the sidings are made of wood of high quality, but the cost of such products is quite high. The raw element for the production of sidings is compressed wood, which is mixed with polymer components. Additives protect the tree from influences, give it additional resistance to moisture and weather conditions, make the sidings durable and underline the beauty of the texture.

Siding Colors

Ceramic Cladding

Made of clay with the addition of binders. The advantages of the cladding are its fire resistance and harmlessness, as well as a variety of structures that imitate brick and wood. The decline in the demand for examples is associated with the advent of cheaper market prices. Fiber cladding is designed by high strength, wear resistance and practicality. However, the sidings have a considerable weight that not every structure can withstand. And the price of fiber cement is much higher than others.

Choosing a color that is suitable for batten siding is quite a difficult task, this is due to the wide range of material presented on the shelves of stores. The main colors of siding white, brown, yellow, beige, green, golden oak and stained, blue and others. The most loved shades of beige and smoky colors, a little behind them white, green and similar tones. Not unusual – sidings, lined with light green panels.

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Pastel colors are usually preferred in the cottages and country houses, and such sidings are much cheaper than their color counterparts. In housing, the elements are used in saturated colors that do not fade over time – they are an order of magnitude more durable.


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