Selection Of The Material For The Siding

Everyone dreams of building their own house. However, building a home is a difficult and demanding process. The last stage of the construction of the house is considered to be the roof assembly, here you just need a lot of skills and knowledge – that the roof is not leaky, well ventilated and has been for a long time, all settings, choosing high quality need to be carefully calculated .

But you can equip the eaves with your own hands. In order to understand how to do this correctly, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the types of cornices and choose the stuff for covering the overhang.

Types Of Cornices

Most houses have gable roofs. In this construction the structure has two side walls and two front walls. And sideways are from those sides where the rafters go, legs of the roof, and the front ones have no overhangs. To equip the cornices is necessary and from the side walls, and across the frontal too. After overhangs, you perform a few functions:

• decorate the house, close the rafter;
• protect the roof from wind, cold and moisture penetrating through the open ends of the rafters;
• through the openings in the cornices, air enters the roof, winds the layers of heat and waterproofing, and is then removed
• close the upper part of the walls from wind and sloping rain so that the house does not get wet.

Material For The Siding

There are constructions of roofs that do not provide the device of cornices, there are also short versions of overhangs. However, in order to save heat in the house and protect it from moisture, it is better to equip the roof with eaves. The side cornice forms rafters that protrude beyond the walls. Such overhangs all have pitched roofs, the size of which can be different, the norm is the cornice from 40 to 70 cm. For everything that overhangs the underside of the rafters are cut and connected to one size plate, to which paneling cornice is then attached.

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It is very important in the process of filling the cornice to adhere to the mode of the roof. If this does not happen, the warm air condenses in the water and damages the materials of the roof and the house walls.

What Is Done By Filing The Eaves?

With their hands, the eaves can be sewn with the help of various materials – today their range is quite large. When choosing the skin, you need to be guided not only by the beauty factor, but also by the long service life – it should roughly correspond to the operation of the roof itself.


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