Vinyl-Board and Batten Siding Influences On The Environment

In today’s increasingly environmentally conscious world it may be important for people who build new houses to ensure that they are using the most efficient elements, particularly if doing so is going towards gaining green environment verification. Vinyl windows and board and batten siding have both good and bad influences on the environment, and the green credentials of the element remain disputed.


Vinyl windows are one of the items prepared for good insulation to houses. This makes it more adept than some other elements to keep heat inside the home, which the owner will need to reduce consumption. Vinyl windows are also available with insulation packaged in the cavity, which further improves the r-value, a measure of the insulating properties of elements.

According to experts, hollow backed vinyl siding has an r of 0.60. This is the same as steel siding, although it is lower than the rates for plywood or bevel lapped wood. Vinyl or steel with half-inch insulating board siding has been shown to be the perfect insulator among the products.



Vinyl, whether formerly made of windows or siding, is a recyclable product. The vinyl won an award for aiding the recycling of vinyl siding, reports that over 1 billion dollars of the element is reused each year. The makers of blue vinyl, a report about the impact of vinyl on workers, argue that the element is not easily recycled. One of the reasons for this is that it contains many chemical additives that make it difficult for the bin to predict what the item from the recycling procedure will contain.

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Important Vinyl Side Considerations

As with any material, good quality vinyl siding can be indestructible to the point. However, durability does not mean that it cannot be damaged. Vinyl siding should be washed and inspected regularly. Its low-maintenance often leads to homeowners complacency, which leads to neglect. No siding material is the answer to energy saving in the house. Vinyl siding comes in many colors and can also be painted.

Like vinyl windows, the siding is unsuitable for preservation and can irreversibly damage brick and stone. Inexpensive vinyl siding can increase the value of a neglected or rundown home, but the value of an older one can decrease. Vinyl siding encompasses the good and the bad part of a house.


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