White and Gold Kitchen Design Ideas

We like to be in the kitchen more and more often. Cooking with family or enjoying a drink with friends while the host cooks are successful leisure facilities. Today, trend and practical kitchens have become the lungs of every home.

To achieve a practical design, open kitchens with islands or counters are safe choices. Because there are fewer walls and rooms are connected, the entire space becomes brighter, making the dining room feel more spacious. And to add even more brightness, we use ceramics with neutral colors such as gold and white, as in this kitchen with tiles from the popular selections. Gold has always exerted a specific fascination and captivated with its shimmering shine. Gold and white were particularly trend in interior as early as the 1920s and 1960s. Today, gold is experiencing a revival and is more trendy with white than ever. The element represents glamor and luxury like no other and always makes the home feel great. You too can show style awareness with a gold-white equipped kitchen, because we provide suggestions on how kitchen equipment shines in gold and how easy it is to set shiny accents.

A Touch Of Luxury In The Kitchen

Gold and white has always been the epitome of wealth. This becomes particularly clear when you look at the importance of gold in the 1920s. The shiny element was used so lavishly that the rich upper class could distract themselves from the sad reality of the Great Depression. In order to forget this state of affairs, expensive parties were celebrated and a pompous life of living was introduced, which is known as the epoch of the 20s.

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Even today, there is no element more synonymous with glamor and wealth than this combination. You too can add a touch of luxury to your kitchen and opt for a kitchen with the gold and white look. Even if you’re just making a quick cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll enjoy the time. Thanks to the warmth that emanates from gold, you will not only experience luxury up close, but also feel safe and relaxed. Learn the ways in which your kitchen can be changed into a place of prosperity and happiness. All you need are the right colors, selected kitchen equipment and, of course, attractive design.


Gold-White Is Now Moving Into Kitchen Furnishings

The kitchen is the right place to live out the passion for luxury and indulgence. Until a few years ago, food was only used to satisfy hunger and fill you up. Today, a healthy nutrition is the basis for a happy life. You shop consciously, think about careful preparation and want to spoil your loved ones with dishes you have cooked yourself. Food and healthy eating have taken such a high priority in our lives that the kitchen deserves to be luxurious. Show your guests how much your kitchen is worth and skilfully live out the current gold – white living trend.

You can do this particularly well if you opt for glossy kitchen fronts with a gold-white colored surface. With this you give your kitchen a great look that draws attention to itself. The gold-white colored fronts are brand new to the range and are good for giving the kitchen the right look.

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