A Better Fiber Cement Siding Installation

As fiber cement siding grows in trend and more homeowners discover their value in protecting and beautifying their homes, the need for better trained and equipped plumbers will grow. More siding installers need to learn how to install it properly than ever before. In many ways, installing fiber cement siding is similar to installing wood siding, but there are a few differences that need to be addressed in order for it to be installed properly.

As seen here, there are very precise steps that you need to take in order to properly install the siding. However, the learning curve is simple and you will find that with practice you can install fiber cement as quickly and easily as any other material you have worked with before.

Cutting The Fiber Cement

If possible, cut the fiber cement boards upside down to get the cleanest lines. As with all siding that produce dust, practices include dust masks and tools that reduce the amount of dust that is created when cutting the siding. There are even tools that allow for a dust-free installation.

Siding Installation

Prime and Color

Fiber cement sheets can be bought ready to install in a wide range of beautiful colors and stains. Or you can prime and paint them on site. Whichever option you use, you will need to coat all of the cut ends of the siding with latex paint before installing the siding. Typically this is done on the saw by the person cutting the siding. It can be installed immediately.

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Become A Better Installer

Make sure you keep the siding stored and paid for when you are not currently using and that you are paying attention to the installation manual. Fiber cement siding can be a variant other than wood or vinyl, but a good installation is neither difficult nor time consuming – follow these steps and check out above to make sure you know the correct installing fiber cement siding, paying a little attention to detail will ensure that your fiber cement siding will last for decades. Install fiber cement siding today to start siding better homes.


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