Wood Look Vinyl Siding Ideas

Vinyl siding is an excellent imitation of wooden facades. The mechanism of vinyl cladding allows facade surfaces of all types of buildings to ceiling brick and wooden. The facade fulfills their function both in residential homes and in industrial buildings. Wide variety of colors and wood structure of the panels greatly affect the design of the facade. The panels are light and easy to transport, so the vinyl siding can even be installed by the customer himself with simple tools at any time of the year. The covering does not require any conservation measures or painting throughout the period of use.

The plastic from which vinyl siding is made far surpasses its wooden part in durability while preserving its appearance, the texture of wood. The resistance to weather influences outdoor facts, as well as most chemicals ensures many years of trouble-free use. The construction of the panels also contributes to the durability of the facade – the profiled edge on the mounting holes additionally fixes the fastening screws. This construction protects the panel from tearing off even in very strong winds. Research by the independent institutions proves that vinyl siding wood, like other cladding has a much lower environmental affect than elements such as wood or brick because of its durability, ease of transport and recyclability.

Durable and Sturdy

Whether you choose solid vinyl planks, stick-on vinyl, or vinyl sheets, your floor will last for a long time. Abrasion resistant and stable, a vinyl wood floor is an investment that pays off. The beautiful surface is insensitive to scratches or stains.

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Vinyl Siding

Flexible Use

Vinyl siding made of wood can be used anywhere in the home and, depending on the substrate and use, is even suitable for damp rooms. Laying on underfloor heating is also possible. Starting at thick vinyl can be used in all kinds of renovations.


Wood vinyl flooring is also great for rental properties because it has good sound-insulating and absorbing properties.

Versatile In Decor

A major advantage of wood vinyl siding is the sheer infinite variety of designs. Regardless of whether you are looking for a stone slab look, opt for an unusual design or are looking for a hard-wearing floor that looks confusingly similar to wood – vinyl flooring allows you free and individual decor for your home.

Healthy and Comfortable

Vinyl wood is a flexible element that not only looks good, but also feels good. It is particularly easy to clean and thus offers a great surface for playing children. Allergy sufferers can also benefit from the easy-care floor and harmful ingredients are now a thing of the past.

Wood vinyl siding and laminate are very similar in many areas, but there are big differences in some points. For example, wood vinyl flooring is significantly warmer. It usually feels more comfortable underfoot. Vinyl flooring is also often thinner than laminate and can therefore be used for renovation. Depending on the type, it is also possible to apply the robust covering to slightly uneven surfaces. Laminate and vinyl are on the same level here. If you are looking for a floor covering that is also convincing in damp rooms, you have a clear advantage with wood vinyl.

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