Best Luxury Home Design Ideas

Whether you need new ideas for your dream home or just want a bit of inspiration: We have found wonderful, modern houses that fascinate with their minimalist style and a luxurious ambience. A lot of white, straight shapes and impressive glass surfaces meet here and form an extraordinary unit. Let’s take a look at the dream homes!


Luxury Home Design Trends 


Family Houses


With a practical layout and depending on the model, suitable for small and large families, the classic single family home offers the whole family the center of life. The pitched roof in your modern house offers you storage space in the attic.


City Villas


More and more homeowners are opting for an exclusive city villa: The modern houses are characterized by two full floors. So you can use the available space intelligently and also have high ceilings on the second floor.


Modern Buildings With Flat Roofs


Luxury home design ideas combine form, art and functionality and are characterized by straight lines and elegance. Houses with flat roofs look particularly modern with their cubic elements. Intelligent and practical room solutions ensure a high level of living comfort.

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The modern luxury home design ideas with garage and flat roof architecture style is an individually planned house. The luxurious single family houses offer plenty of space on a total of 2-3 floors. The house floor plan on the ground floor is open and generously planned with a large winter garden, terrace and attached garage. The large, floor to ceiling windows provide plenty of light in this modern houses. Thanks to the flat roof architecture, there is plenty of space on the upper floor for two large rooms with a dressing room and bathroom. A special highlight here is the large balcony with a view of the garden. In the basement there is a fully equipped wellness and fitness area with atrium, a study and a wine cellar. In addition, the modern luxury house is equipped with a photovoltaic system, battery storage, heat pump and intelligent house control.


Criterias For Luxury Houses


Location –  A property is basically suitable for luxury if it is positioned in an exclusive location such as the villa districts  and at the same time is perfectly embedded in the immediate surroundings.


Large spaces – Representative house entrances and high and large rooms are particularly complex and expensive to implement in very popular locations and are therefore a feature of luxury real estate.


Thresholds – Constructing a property in such a way that the entrances are free of thresholds both inside and outside is technically very demanding and expensive to build, which is why even most high quality properties are still provided with uncomfortable thresholds and barriers despite the high level of living comfort.


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Popular Colors For Luxury Home Design


The balanced collection of powdery elegant, modern, as well as classic noble tones offers colors for sophisticated, individual interior design. The exquisite spectrum of color nuances meets the needs of different living styles and lighting conditions. The range includes interior paints and interior lacquers in two degrees of gloss, matt and semi gloss, as well as a perfectly coordinated primer system. Since then, many private and public interiors have been designed with high surface quality and exceptional color depth.


Recommendations For Luxury Home Design Ideas


Decide On The Type Of House And Construction


It is time to be clear about the right house type. Would you like a passive, prefabricated or solid house? Should it be turnkey or an extension house? What should the facade look like and are alternative energy sources integrated?


Constant Quality Control


When construction work begins, you should arrange for regular checks. Construction defects must be reported promptly. It is advisable to keep a detailed construction diary during the construction phase.


Order Material For Interior Work


Tiles, wallpaper, bathroom fittings and more often have longer delivery times. Order materials in good time, this is the only way to avoid delays in advance.


Living Rooms Flooded With Light


Without the summer heat, of course. A work space without disturbing direct sunlight. Many of the images that we have in mind about the ideal living space are decisively shaped by the direction of the compass. That’s why we like to take the chance and include the position of the sun. It is also worth thinking financially. Many south facing windows help noticeably to save heating costs.

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