Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Designs

There is not much to consider when furnishing your farmhouse kitchen, but the less is more method is recommended. Don’t overcrowd your farmhouse kitchen and only use the space for cabinets that you really need in the kitchen. Also with regard to the design: Decide on a few highlights and eye-catchers that give your kitchen an individual look. When choosing colors, the highest amount of 3 different colors is really good. They also simplify the selection of accessories and give the kitchen the necessary calm. In the end, however, what counts most is that you feel completely relaxed in your farmhouse kitchen.

Country Style Kitchen Cabinets

Country kitchen cabinets are well known classics. They rely on natural elements such as pine, beech. By choosing warm and raw products and textiles, you can quickly and easily bring your individual country design home. The country kitchen cabinet is an oasis of relaxation, where you can not only have a leisurely breakfast, but also cook with the family. With details such as sheepskins on the kitchen benches, wildflowers in a large vase and a classic display cabinet that offers enough storage space for your floral patterned objects, you ensure the right charm. But rattan furniture also reflects the charm of this design. Also pay attention to colors: colors from nature such as warm yellow, white and orange round off the country kitchen cabinet.

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Designs
Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Designs

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Does your grandmother’s kitchen bring back wonderful childhood memories? The smell of cake in the oven and hot soup on the stove gives you a cozy feeling in your stomach? Then the rustic kitchen cabinet is just right for you. The rustic design focuses on comfort and elegance. The warm touch of the room is created by elements such as wood, linen and wool. Solid wood furniture and cabinets are the right choice to complete this design. Large soup tureens, lovingly arranged in the cabinet, give the rustic kitchen that homely feeling of grandma’s time.

Antique Kitchen Cabinets

Would you like to design your farmhouse kitchen in an antique design? Then bring a touch of the past into your own four walls with furniture and cabinets in the so-called antique style. The antique kitchen cabinet is charming and cosy. It convinces furnishing experts with loving details, such as finds from antique shops and nice breaks in design. Golden eye-catchers, such as vases or napkin holders, go wonderfully with white linen tablecloths, wooden chairs and a large, patterned kitchen rug. Put elements in between – this conjures up the glamor in your antique kitchen farmhouse and still makes it appear up to date.

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Mediterranean Kitchen Cabinet

Bring the holiday to farmhouses with a Mediterranean kitchen. The right selection of furniture, cabinets and colors quickly ensure your desired Mediterranean flair. The Mediterranean cabinet of your kitchen calls for elements  and textiles that radiate the warmth of the Mediterranean places. Dark wooden furniture, marble slabs, branches and clay pots are the great companions for your holiday in your farmhouse. Always look for earth tones such as dark orange, brown and yellow. Design your farmhouse kitchen with southern herbs: not only exude a pleasant scent, they are also good for cooking your favorite dishes.


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