Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Today we’re talking about the farmhouse kitchen decor ideas. It is a place where the whole family comes together. Since this room is so important for living together, the kitchen should also look good. Comfort and warmth can be brought into even the smallest kitchene in just a few simple steps. Because if we cook for our loved ones in our free time or conjure up a festive menu for Christmas, then the ambience should also be right. Our interior experts will give you tips and styling ideas for beautiful farmhouse kitchens. Let our farmhouse kitchen trends inspire you to create your dream kitchen!


Some Criterias Before You Start Planning The Farmhouse Kitchen Decor


Before you set up a kitchen, you need to plan and think it through carefully. This is the only way to have a beautiful kitchen! We have put together the necessary steps and questions that you should ask yourself:


Is the kitchen just for you or for several people?A mood board made up of personal ideas, preferences, sketches and photos helps. Get inspiration from our kitchen furnishing articles. Consider good ergonomics in the kitchen. Short distances, working heights and practical storage ideas are important. Would you like an open kitchen? Although they offer a lot of space and a nice atmosphere, food smells and noises are the disadvantages. Natural materials and colors or colored kitchen fronts?Sufficient lighting is extremely important when setting up your kitchen. Think carefully about which types of light you need where.

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The Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas And Trends 2020


New decade, new kitchen happiness. Because from 2020 it will be matt instead of glossy. Till this day, black was increasingly being used instead of white. Everything is very basic and minimalist – this increasingly includes the handle free design and hardly noticeable kitchen appliances. Also in trend: dark gray and rust red. Natural looks such as stone or wood are also still in play. Nevertheless, you decide for yourself which look appeals to you as a beautiful farmhouse kitchen, regardless of the trend.


With a country house kitchen you bring a piece of nature into your four walls. White fronts look pretty good on a wooden worktop. With storage baskets made of jute in a farmhouse style, you not only create practical storage space for potatoes or waste paper, but also add a decorative element to your kitchen. The farmhouse kitchen look is rounded off with patterned tiles. Professional kitchen planners coordinate all materials and colors with each other during the planning phase. This way you can be sure that you can design the furnishing style of your dreams.


Black And White Colors Are Popular For Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas


Are you planning a kitchen with a black color? Then we have the perfect inspiration for you. A kitchen lives from the most varied of contrasts. If you are a fan of the clean Scandi style then this monochrome style will appeal to you. Light wood and white walls are spiced up with black home accessories. Black chairs with clear shapes go perfectly with a solid wooden table. And the kitchen fronts and worktops also convince in a rich black.

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Some Recommendations For The Farmhouse Kitchen Decor


An open kitchen is currently very trendy. This area can be separated from the rest of the room with a kitchen island. So that there is no visual clutter, you should tidy up here regularly and spruce up the island with decorative elements. This can be a bowl of fresh fruit, a vase with flowers or a decorative knife block. Design your own personal kitchen studio. Cooking has never been so beautiful.


Beautiful kitchens don’t have to be huge! In small kitchens, the details are all the more important through beautiful decoration and clever use! Because even with little space, you can live stylishly with the necessary ideas and inspiration.


While natural materials have timeless class in a kitchen, colored kitchen fronts can set lively highlights. As a rule, the fronts of fitted kitchens can even be replaced at a later date and thus offer a certain amount of design freedom in terms of kitchen furnishings. Design for example a farmhouse kitchen with your own bar with colorful wallpaper and golden details. What should not be missing here, of course: the bar stools and a long shelf full of glasses.


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