How To Attach The Siding Material?

Every owner of a private home surely wants their place to have an attractive appearance. What can be done to improve the appearance? Which material is suited for this? Solving these issues is pretty easy today. To do this, you just need to use good and right building material – siding. It’s pretty affordable and has several advantages. In addition, you can do the installation of the board and siding with your own hands. Such work does not require special skills and knowledge.


Siding manufacturers offer a wide range of panels and materials to encase a house, even a huge building configuration. As a rule, the buyer only specifies the area of the walls, their size, type of roof and also the number of windows. The details obtained allows the seller to calculate the required number of necessary materials.

What Components Are Needed To Install The Siding?

• Outside corner – It is used for both decorative purposes and to close siding.
• Inside corner – They are used at the intersection of the siding with the wall.
• Windboard and headlights – They are mounted when finishing the cornice.
• Start bar – Its length is calculated based on the perimeter of the home minus the width of the doors and gables.
• L-profile – This is necessary in areas where there are roofs or differences in height and where extensions are connected.

Siding Material

Preliminary Work

What needs to be done to install the siding yourself? First of all, you need to dismantle all the protruding elements of the building. It can be bars and platbands, doors. Next, you need to close any existing cracks in the walls, around the windows, etc. To do this, you can use mounting foam or cement. When the house is old, its walls need to be cleaned of dust and dirt, mold and paint, cracked plaster, as well as dilapidated areas. Foam concrete walls are coated with a deeply penetrating primer.

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Turning Material

It should be noted that the siding itself is not attached to the walls. This is why you need to build a box in the first stage of the installation. This is a special frame on which the panels are mounted. Installation of a siding without a box is possible only if the walls of the house are made of wood, and at the same time have a perfectly smooth surface. If the wall of the house is poorly leveled, which is usually the case, then you need to build a box with wooden slats or a metal one. It will be the base for facing panels.


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