Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Cozy and close to nature: the farmhouse exterior design ideas are conquering city apartments and is interpreted in a modern way with Nordic elements. But what is the reason and how is it done? On this page we show the most beautiful furnishing ideas in farmhouse style and explain which furniture and home accessories are typical for it.


Country Lust And Nest Building Are The New Trends This Year


A closeness to nature is the order of the day  and this has also been the case in big cities for several years! Slowing down, sustainability, retreating into private space, valuable everyday objects, products from the region and awareness of their manufacture are part of the urban lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why living spaces in a country house style are back in fashion. The farmhouses convey all of these values ​​and are sociable and uncomplicated. But if you don’t have nature in front of your house, you can bring it into your own four walls with rural furnishings.


Criterias In A Farmhouse Style – Furniture And Materials


The  farmhouse style is cozy and rustic and is based on traditional shapes that are inspired by nature. Old farmer’s cupboards, dining tables made of natural wood, benches and chairs made of rattan weave, leather, furs and textiles with a strong structure such as cotton and linen are typical examples. Real country house furniture is great handicrafts with turned or carved details that can be seen to show their age: traces of use and rough surfaces are desirable.

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Colors For Your Farmhouse Exterior Design


The color palette is muted and also as natural as possible. The brown tones of the materials mentioned are combined with pastel colors and lots of white. This underlines the restrained, uncomplicated country look and makes room for beautiful country house decorations. In addition to the rustic furniture, seasonal decorations are combined with found objects from nature. The seasons are taken up in the country house style in the form of meadow bouquets in summer or decorative pumpkins and wheat in autumn. Especially with delicate floral decorations, great color accents can be set and there is a great contrast to the solid furnishings.


In the home textiles, floral patterns are also used in the country house style: curtains or tablecloths made of cotton with floral decorations ensure feminine lightness and are inviting. Beautiful splashes of color are added with traditional patterns such as small scale checks or stripes. Covers for dining chairs or the sofa are also popular. The covers can be changed quickly and create a new spatial effect in no time at all. The typical color combinations of the country house style are red white or blue white. A strong dark blue goes very well with the beige and wood tones.


Tips To Consider For Your Farmhouse Design


For the country house decoration, it is always worth looking into the garden: cachepots made of clay, enamel or zinc are also very decorative inside. Copper items also go very well with the country house style. There are great wall design ideas to give your interior that typical country look. Wood paneled walls, painted tiles and brick are typical of the country house style. You don’t necessarily have to open a construction site for this: there are many wallpapers that imitate the materials mentioned in a deceptively real manner. If you interpret the country house style in a light and feminine way, an unplastered wall can also look great. Because of its imperfection, an unplastered wall offers a great canvas for special furniture and home accessories: They look even more valuable in front of them and an exciting contrast is created.

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There is no clear definition of the country house style. It describes the rural furnishing style that differs regionally. Lots of blue and white are combined to earthy tones like clay pots. Many sample fabrics are used and the country house style is minimalist in the northern countries. The farmhouse style can best be interpreted in a modern way with Nordic home accessories and furniture. Massive farmer’s cupboards are combined with light footed seating furniture, light wooden floors replace dark tiles and light, flowing textiles ensure more lightness.


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